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 Dog of the Month: Bonsei

bonsai sept 2016 
Cat of the Month: Sylevester
Sylvester-Sept 2016            

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Clerk's Office

Bingo Application
Raffle Application 
Gaming Application Information Edison Police Dept. 
Boards & Committees Application
Canning Permit Application
Landlord Registration Form
Electronic Sales Permit Application
Pawn Brokers Application
Request for Public Records-OPRA
Solicitor’s Permit Application (Door to Door)
Vote by Mail
Voter Registration

Code Enforcement

Certificate of Occupancy Application CO/TCO
Commercial Continued Occupancy Application
Commerical Contractor's License Renewal
Residential Certificate of Continued Occupancy Application

Division of Fire

Application for Certificate of Fire Prevention Compliance
Smoke Detector Carbon Monoxide Alarm Inspection Form


Flood Zone Determination Letter
Requirements for Plot Grading Plans-Minor Development
Soil Exportation Permit Application
Soil Imprtation Permit Application
Tree Removal Permit Application

Health Department

2016 Cat License Application
2016 Dog License Application
Animal Related Application
Barber Shop Application
Birth Certificate Request
Death Certificate Request
Edison Boat Basin Permit Application
Food Vending Application
Hotel-Motel Application
Itinerant Food Application
Marriage Certificate Request
Mechanical Boiler Inspection Report 
NJ Expo Temporary Retail Food Application 
Rental Reoccupancy Application
Rental Reoccupancy Guidelines
Residential Parking Application
Retail Food License Application
Retail Food Plan Review Application
Self Service Laundry Application
Slenderizing Salon Application
Swimming Pool Application
Temporary Retail Food Application
Trailer Park Application

Human Resources

Job Application for Township of Edison

Office of Emergency Management

Special Needs Registry

Planning Board

Sewer Connection Charge Application
Site Improvement Permit Application
Waiver of Sidewalks, Gutter or Curbs
Environmental Resource Inventory

Police Department

State of New Jersey Firearms Application
Mental Health Consent Form

Public Works

Road Opening Application

Tax Department

ACH Direct Withdrawal Authorization
Change of Mailing Address

Zoning Department
*Zoning Permits are not available Online
Zoning Permit Requirements
Schedule A Yard Requirements
Deck Coverage
Floor Area Ratio Certification
Pool Setbacks
Wet Bar Certification
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