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Zoning Board of Adjustment


The Zoning Board of Adjustments is an autonomous statutory board that is coordinated under the Division of Planning and Zoning in the Department of Planning and Engineering.  The Zoning Board Secretary is the employee responsible for coordination of this board.

The Zoning Board consists of 7 members, with 4 year terms; and 2 alternates, with 2 year terms.  These positions are appointed by Township Council.

The current members for the Township of Edison Zoning Board of Adjustments are as follows:


Members Term Expires
Rosemary Feterik, Chairperson 12-31-2018
Bhavini Shah, Vice-Chairperson 12-31-2017
 Vacancy 12-31-2019
Devendra Dave 12-31-2017
Ralph Errico 12-31-2018
Peter J. Skibar 12-31-2018
Jeffrey D. Reeves 12-31-2018
Philip C. Taglianett, Sr., 1st Allternate     12-31-2016
Michael Comba,  2nd Alternate 12-31-2016
Steven Lombardi, Zoning Officer  
Laura A. Buckley , Secretary  
Patrick Bradshaw, Esq, Counsel  
Henry Bignell, PP, AICP, Planner  
Michael Carr, Engineer and Surveyor