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Phone: 732.287.0900

Fire Division


The Edison Division of fire is a combination fire department whose members are career and volunteer firefighters, emergency medical technicians and fire inspectors. These members are in service to the community to provide fire prevention, defend against fire, and provide rescue and emergency medical services.

The Division takes your safety seriously and works continuously to identify and plan for any circumstance that may cause harm to you or your family. Our integration of Emergency Medical Services, deploying more ambulances throughout your neighborhoods than ever before, and the fact that your firefighters are cross-trained as Emergency Medical Technicians ready to intervene at a moment's notice when you or a loved one is in need, has increased the safety of our residences and visitors.

As Edison firefighters our primary role is to confine control and extinguish fires, the most feared element we know. In 2000, there were 368,000 home fires in the United States, resulting in 3,420 deaths, 16,975 injuries and $5.5 billion in direct property damage. We are committed to educating our citizens in methods to prevent these unfortunate incidents.
Citizens who would like information on becoming a member of one of Edison’s five volunteer fire companies’ should leave their name, address and phone number on the township Volunteer Firefighter Recruit hot line 732-548-8719.  The volunteer fire company in your neighborhood will contact you

Fire Chief


Brian Latham
2nd Floor
100 Municipal Blvd.
Edison, NJ 08817
(732) 248-7441

Monday - Friday
8 a.m. - 4 p.m.

Email: Chief Latham