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Edison Municipal Alliance/Youth Services Commission



The Edison Township Municipal Alliance Committee, creators of the Substance Abuse Resource Center, is a grass-roots volunteer organization comprised of community leaders, private citizens and human service agency representatives. The Alliance’s goal is to work together to promote and support alcohol, tobacco, other drug, and violence prevention, education programs and related activities.

The Municipal Alliance serves the town in a number of ways:

• The Substance Abuse Resource Center (SARC) was started from grant funds allocated through the Governor’s Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse through the Middlesex County Division of Alcoholism and Drug Abuse as a confidential referral source for township residents to assess their need for alcoholism and/or drug abuse treatment.  Residents will then be referred to the appropriate treatment sources.

• to identify existing alcoholism and drug abuse resources which are dedicated to treatment, prevention, and substance abuse awareness

• by providing crisis intervention information/referral and crisis counseling.

• to coordinate prevention and education projects within the community, thus avoiding duplication of services.

• to implement substance abuse and violence awareness training programs  for volunteers and township police officers, first aid squad members, EMT’s, firefighters, senior citizens, students, parents, teachers and the general public.

• to assess the continually changing needs of the community and provide new programming to meet those needs.
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