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Health Department

CDC Zika Virus Information
Middlesex County Mosquito Commission

2016 Edison Township Health Dept. School Aged Immunizations Schedule 
2016 Rabies Clinic 
2016 Earth Day
2016 Family Day

The Edison Department of Health and Human Services performs a variety of tasks within the Edison community.  In addition to recording and maintaining vital records (including birth,death and marriage certificates), three major areas are addressed:

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1. Preventing Illness and Disease
2. Promoting Healthy Behaviors for All
3. Protecting the Overall Health of Edison  Residents and the Community

Preventing Illness and Disease:

The Department works to prevent illness and disease in the following ways: 
1. Tracking diseases in the community
2. Identifying conditions that cause disease in the    community
3. Work to eliminate the identified conditions that cause disease
     a. Vaccinations for residents, their children and their pets
     b. Inspect restaurants and other places of business,  public swimming pools and housing rentals. 
     c. Provide screenings, select treatments and other services for residents who are either un-insured or under-insured.

Promoting Healthy Behaviors:

Through a variety of programs, the Department works to promote healthy behavior by:

1. Helping Edison residents identify unhealthy habits and behaviors
2. Offering advice on ways to change unhealthy habits and behaviors 
3. Encouraging people to make positive changes

Protecting Overall Health:

The Department protects the health of Edison residents and the Edison community by:
1. Developing and enforcing health regulations  
2. Educating Edison residents on health and safety issues  like being prepared for disasters, controlling mosquitoes and preventing cancer. 
3. Acting as a resource for the community, which helps connect residents to doctors, businesses and schools for health related programs.
4. Respond to public health emergencies due to natural and other disasters.


 Health Director
Jay Elliot  
Jay Elliot
100 Municipal Blvd.
2nd Floor

Email: Jay Elliot