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Phone: 732.287.0900

Central Records

The primary mission of the Central Records Bureau is to maintain and update all of the Division’s records and files, such as incident and motor vehicle accident reports. The Bureau provides copies of reports to the public for a small fee, enforces the Township Alarm Ordinance, oversees Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR), processes Gun Permits and Licensing, collates Discovery Reports, and researches OPRA requests.

  • Copies of Police reports are available five to seven working days after the incident under normal circumstances.
  • Copies of Accident/Crash Reports are available five to seven working days after the incident under normal circumstances. These can be picked up in Police Records for 5 cents a copy or for an additional fee by visiting Accident/Crash Report
  • There are certain restrictions precluding the release of some reports.
  • At Central Records citizens may obtain copies of police reports, letter of clearance, firearms permits, and ID cards.
  • There is a one year residency requirement to obtain a letter of clearance.
  • Official Government identification is required for letters of clearance.


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