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Division of Police


The Edison Division of Police is the Law Enforcement branch of the Edison Department of Public Safety. The Division is commanded by a Chief of Police and two Deputy Chiefs. Reporting directly to the Chief is the Internal Affairs Unit.

The Division is organized into 4 Bureaus, and further divided into Sections, Units, Squads, & Functions:

  • Administration Bureau
    • Budget & Procurement Unit
    • CompStat
    • Technology Unit
    • Training Unit
    • Payroll Function
    • Personnel Function
    • Legal Function
    • Information Technology Unit
    • Vehicle Maintenence Unit
    • Community Resources Unit

                        Division Computer Network and Servers

  • Central Records & Communications Bureau
    • Records Storage & Data Entry Function
    • Permits & Licenses Function
    • Discovery Function
    • Supply Function
    • 9-1-1 Dispatch Center
    • Township Emergency Radio System
  • Criminal Investigation Bureau
    • Criminal Investigative Section
      • Detective Unit
      • Evidence Unit
      • Juvenile Unit
    • Special Enforcement Section
      • Special Operations Group
    • School Resource Officer
  • Operations Bureau 
    • Patrol Day Squads
    • Patrol Afternoon Squads
    • Patrol Midnight Squads
    • Traffic Control
    • School Crossing Guards
    • Fatal Accident Investigation Unit
    • Emergency Response Team

                             Entry Squads
                             Sniper Squads
                            Negotiator Squads

cops with shield
Edison Police Ballistic Shields

Edison is the first town in NJ to deploy all first response cruisers with defensive ballistic shields, just one preventative measure that provides officers with the protective equipment that is needed when responding to emergencies


 National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial