Zoning Information

Zoning enforcement is handled through the Division of Planning and Zoning. The purpose of the zoning permit is to assure that the proposed use, construction or alterations of existing or new construction will be in accordance with the provisions of the zoning ordinance.

In order for a zoning permit to be issued, it is important for the zoning officer to obtain the proper information as to what the existing use is or what the proposed use will be, addition to or alteration of the structure, setback requirements, height, etc.  The zoning officer will then examine the ordinance requirements if effect at the time the zoning permit is submitted to assure all laws are in compliance. 

Schedule "A" Yard Requirements
Zoning Permit Information Sheet
Deck Coverage
Pool Setbacks
Residential Floor Area Certification
Wet Bar Certification-Finished Basement
Bedroom Certification-Finished Basement
Sign Information Sheet

Zoning permits are not available online. Please come to the Zoning Office to obtain a permit. Thank you.