Mall and Grocery Shopping Program

Edison Township provides FREE Senior Transportation to local food stores and shopping malls. Seniors must pre-register for services through the Edison Senior Citizen Center. Shopping is provided one day a week on a predetermined schedule set by the transportation department.

Pick up time for shopping will be between approximately 930 a.m. and 9:45 a.m. The driver will drop the shoppers off at the store and return for them at approximately 11:15 a.m. (Time will vary depending on the location of the shopping center.)  

Please be considerate and courteous regarding the amount of items purchased. Buy only that which can be carried unaided. Although our drivers will be there to offer assistance, loading volumes of grocery bags onto the bus is cumbersome. Once you return home, you will be responsible for the transporting of your grocery bags to your apartment or home as the driver will not carry bags to your door.

Carts are not allowed on the shopping bus.  Heavy items such as cases of water, watermelons and pet food are not allowed on the bus unless the passenger is able to carry them unaided.

Those who have registered for free shopping transportation are considered regular passengers and once registered will be automatically picked up on a weekly basis. It is the responsibility of the individual to call and cancel their transportation due to weather, illness, travel plans or hospitalization.

  • Shopping days are predetermined by the transportation department.
  • Shopping locations will vary from week to week to accommodate the needs of multiple shoppers.
  • If a shopping day is cancelled due to inclement weather the driver will make every attempt to reschedule the missed food shopping trip. Shoppers will be notified if an alternate shopping day can be arranged. 

 **Mall and Grocery Shopping is subject to change.

Day Neighborhood Served Destination
Tuesdays Bonhamtown Shop Rite*
  Inman-Grove Menlo Park
Wednesdays Oak Tree Inman Edwards
  Hilltop/Dayton Drive Oakwood Plaza
  Stelton Shop Rite
Thursdays Clara Barton Tano Mall/Shop Rite 2nd full wk. 
Fridays Lindeneau Shop Rite*
  Village Court Wick Plaza*
  Bonhamtown #2 Shop Rite/Menlo
* Menlo Mall - Second full week of the month  
The Division's Senior Citizen transportation service is provided, free of charge, along scheduled routes. For further information regarding our transportation or any programs and services offered by the division, please contact the Division of Senior Citizen Services at 732-248-7345.