Staff Directory

Department Name First Name Last Name Profession Email Phone
Mayor's Office Thomas Lankey Mayor 732-248-7298
Administration Maureen Ruane Business Administrator 732-248-7298
Administration Melissa Perilstein Administrator of Policy & Strategic Initiatives 732-248-7298
Mayor's Office Mary Leight-McAvoy Administrative Asst. to the Mayor 732-248-7298
Administration William Northgrave Township Attorney 732-248-7298
Administration Lori Williams Asst. to the Business Administrator 732-248-7298
Mayor's Office Dana Ligato-Grego Community Relations Asst. 732-248-7298
Animal Shelter Kirsten Briggs Manager 732-248-7278
Clerk's Office Cheryl Russomanno, RMC Municipal Clerk 732-2487350
Clerk's Office Marlena McCray Deputy Clerk 732-248-7351
Code Enforcement Patty Leary Permit & Inspection Processing 732-248-7259
Code Enforcement John Soltesz Construction Code Official 732-248-7258
Community Development Block Grant Susan Peck CDBG Coordinator 732-248-7379
Community Development Block Grant Joann Battagliotti Administrative Assistant 732-248-7359
Edison TV Michael D'Amato Edison TV Station Manager 732-248-7426
Engineering Carl O'Brien Director of Planning & Engineering 732-248-7248
Finance Nick Fargo CFO 732-248-7325
Finance Agnes Yang Comptroller 732-248-7226
Tax Collector's Office Lina Vallejo Tax Collector 732-248-7228
Fire Department/Prevention Brian Latham Chief 732-248-7567
Fire Department/Prevention Maryann Petro Executive Administrative Asst. 732-248-7566
Fire Department/Prevention Home Resale Inspections, Smoke Detector Certs 732-248-7558
Health Jay Elliot Director 732-248-7476
Health Brenda Rinaldi Executive Assistant 732-248-6433
Health Mary Briggs Registrar 732-248-7293
Health Center Linda Higgens Secretary 732-248-7282
Health Center Information Hotline 732-248-7277
Health Center Nurses 732-248-7285
Health Camille Spearnock Health Inspector 732-248-7273
Human Resources June Brescher Manager 732-404-8604
Municipal Alliance Harpreet Uppal Program Coordinator 732-248-7361
Municipal Court Kelly Sommer Court Administrator 732-248-7334
Municipal Court Vanessa Tovar Asst. Court Administrator 732-248-7335
Planning Board Lillian Triola Planning Board Secretary 732-248-7249
Police Thomas Bryan Chief 732-248-7367
Police Gloria Scalero Executive Assistant 732-248-7367
Police Records Bureau Impounds, Accident & Police Reports 732-248-7446
Police Public Information Officer 732-248-6442
Police School Crossing Guards 732-404-8673
Police Police Auxilary 732-248-7468
Public Works Public Works Coordinator 732-248-7288
Purchasing Laura Vesce Purchasing Agent 732-248-7409
Recreation Joyce Fircha Supervisor 732-248-7309
Recreation-Stelton Community Center Teen Center (2pm-10pm) 732-248-7313
Recreation-Minnie B Veal Diana Thomas Asst. Recreation Leader 732-2487316
Senior Citizen Services Judith Gillingham Asst. Director of Aging 732-248-7345
Senior Citizen Services Medical Transport 732-248-7345
Senior Citizen Services Middlesex Nutrition Program 732-452-0377
Senior Citizens Services Senior Services 732-248-7346
Senior Citizen Services Senior outreach Service Program 732-248-7345
Zoning Department Cassandra Augustine Secretary 732-248-7371
Tax Assessor JoAnn Jimenez Tax Assessor 732-248-7216
IT Jim DeVico Municipal Technology Coordinator 732-404-8662
IT Jeff Davids Public Safety IT Coordinator 732-404-8663
Zoning Department James Ayotte Supervisor of Compliance Enforcement/Zoning Officer 732-248-7256